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Air Ski ASKI200


The Renegade Air Ski ASKI200 strengthens the upper body, abdominal, back and leg muscles that are relevant to skiing. As the fitness machine works with an air and magnetic resistance system, the movements are very fluid. This makes training more fun and reduces the risk of injury.

The Air Ski ASKI200 with is a very sturdy training machine. This unit relies on a very strong, elastic rope system, requiring only 8 kg to move from bottom to top. The robust carriage system with 3 different height positions and a swivel function, Nordic skiing is no longer the only exercise. To adjust the height, pull the right lever towards you to remove the lock pin and place it at the desired height.

Training with the Air Ski ASKI200 can be done kneeling or sitting in front of the machine. This makes the machine ideal for athletes with physical limitations. You control the training resistance yourself: pulling harder accelerates the flywheel and increases the resistance. The different resistance levels (1-14) make it possible to simulate practical training in all conditions.

The floor stand, with its non-slip board and transport wheels, is an all-in-one solution that makes the ASKI200 mobile.

The Air Ski ASKI200 has several training programs, allowing you to train in a varied and targeted way. The "Quick release" handlebar makes it easy to switch between different training programs. In addition, the large blue backlit LCD screen is easier to read during training. The Renegade Air Ski ASKI200 is self-generating so there is no need for electrical cables.

  • Smooth, natural, unlimited airflow/magnetic resistance provided by heavy-duty 45 cm aluminum fan with cross-bonded steel blades.
  • Double robust 6203 sealed cartridge bearing set in the central hub of on the super steel fan for effortless rotation.
  • High performance internal drive mechanism with robust sealed cartridge unidirectional bearings to provide the best performance for both bipolar and conventional (alternating arm) technology. Minimal maintenance required.
  • 14 levels of manual adjustable magnetic resistance for high intensity training.
  • Low maintenance, endless Poly-V double ribbed belt transmission.
  • Lightweight, high-strength drive cords for a smooth workout and a long life span.
  • Self-levelling pulley system with robust sealed cartridge bearings and a width between 62 cm (max.) and 26 cm (min.).
  • Ergonomically designed handle for horizontal and vertical placement options to train different muscles.
  • Stainless steel quick-release mechanism design for vertical & horizontal gripping positions for different exercises.
  • Oval tubing robust carriage system with sealed cartridge bearings assembly for high, middle & low position.
  • 4 mm thick steel attachable mounted brackets fixed onto desired position of wall, rack with fixing bolts, washers for different exercise workouts
  • Black 2 mm thick 40 x 118 mm oval tubing upright frame structure design with mounted brackets to attach onto desirable wall position.
  • Oval tubing robust carriage system with sealed cartridge bearings assembly for high, middle & low position.
  • 2 mm thick square tube frame for a stable construction.
  • 4 mm thick steel mounting bracket for position against the wall.
  • Black 2 mm thick mainframe construction with free-standing platform, fitted with a 2.3 mm thick steel anti-slip checker plate.
  • Integrated moving wheels for easy transportation
  • Built-In Polar wireless heart rate receiver to monitor your heart rate precisely.
Screen Large backlit LCD display
Programs 8; including 20/10, 20/30 custom intervals, 4 target settings and heart rate control.
Feedback Time, stroke/min., stroke, distance, calories, time/500m, watts, intensity setting & pulse for users's reference
Power Console uses AA LR6 / 1.5V battery (4 pcs)
Product D 142 x W 62 x H 214 cm
Package 1: 70 x 58 x 31 cm
2: 132 x 70 x 20 cm
Net Weight 100.5 kg
Gross Weight 115 kg
Max. user Weight 150 kg
Warranty Frame: lifetime
Parts: 2 years
Wear parts: 6 months