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Sprint Resistance Training Equipment for Speed!

Do you want to improve your team’s acceleration and speed using completely natural movements?

There are many different options for resistance: rubber bands, sleds, parachutes. However, the Steelflex Power Runner is the only that mimics the natural resistance an athlete feels when free running, just amplified. The resistance is linear and completely smooth, with no dangerous pullback. This makes the Power Runner the ideal tool for training an athlete to maximum potential. When you want speed, there is no substitute!

Push yourself to higher levels of power, speed and agility with the Steelflex Power Runner!

  • Dual Pull Points: standard lower roller and a higher quick attachment point for agility belts and taller athletes
  • Infinitely Adjustable Resistance: just turn the knob to dial in your desired workout intensity – from light acceleration training to heavy push/pull
  • Portable: transports easily with large, no-flat wheels
  • Automatic Retraction: when the exercise is complete, the unit SAFELY retracts the strap – no dangerous pullback
  • Any Surface, Indoor or Out: rubber, non-marring feet mean the Power Runner can be used safely on any surface.  This also keeps it from moving on high resistance pulls
  • Digital Resistance Display: the digital readout with levels from 1-30 keep workouts consistent from day to day and from athlete to athlete
  • 20 kg flywheel
  • New multi-function Digital Readout Console!
  • 45 m long running cord
  • Body Harness (FHN1) included within scope of supply
  • Small, light and portable design
  • Transports easily with large, no-flat wheels across turf, track & field turf with camping nails to fix or pavement
  • Durable power coat finish
  • Counterbalanced to ensure stability on the ground during use
  • Additional Olympic plate loading post for adding extra counterbalance weight, when required
  • Weather resistant components for outdoor use
  • Dimensions: 98 x W 71 x H 100 cm
  • Net Weight: N/A